Students of STPP Medan visit to ICECRD’s

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ESATE CROPS ACTIVITIES – Students of the College of Agricultural Extension (STPP) Medan, visits to the Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) Bogor (08/25/2014). The delegation led by Chairman of STPP, Dr. Widi Hardjono received by the Head of Collaboration and Utilization Research of ICECRD, Dr. Syafaruddin, accompanied by Division Head of Utilization Research, Dr. Mara Iwa Trisawa, and researchers.

Dr. Syafaruddin usually called by the name Mr. Deden, saying that ICECRD, IAARD, Ministry of Agriculture in generating technological innovation plays an important role in the development of agricultural development. Hopefully with this visit STPP students get a lot of things for the future provision later.

In his speech, Dr. Widi Hardjono (Chairman of STPP) explained that the STPP has two major departments of agriculture and estate crops majors. As the only STPP in Indonesia which has estate crops of extension courses, then he invites students STPP Medan visit to ICECRD. It aims to establish networks by researchers of estate crops.

The group consists of 66 students, 6 lecturers, and 2 assistants, of the 66 students plantation extension part is, everything is working in the field, said Widi.

In this visit, students are invited to watch the show and discussion of ICECRD profile. Furthermore, the group went on a visit to the Post Harvest Research Center for Agriculture, who previously had made a visit to the Center for Food Crops Research and Development. (\Bursa)



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