News ICECRD Vol. 27 No. 2, 2021

Berita Perkebunan Warta

PLANTATION WARTA – Industrial Crops Research and Development Report contains the main activities and results of plantation research and development.

Commodity Information:

  • Pyricularia zingiberi causes rhombic spots
    on ginger plant leaves
  • Chlorophyll content of green tea leaves Gambung
    7 in Gunung Putri
  • Coconut in improving the welfare of
    farmers in the West Coast of Lampung
  • Increasing oil palm production through
    fertilization and amelioration as well as high groundwater levels
    on peatlands
  • N, P and K fertilizer requirements for
    clove plants based on soil analysis
  • Status and characteristics of the fungus Phytophthora
    as a pathogen on vanilla plants
  • Source of flavonoid-based food ingredients
  • Biochar activated charcoal has the potential to improve the soil
    with environmental insight
  • Identification of local superior rubber characteristics
    in North Lampung


  • Members of the House of Representatives Commission X appreciate the technical guidance for
    the development of coffee cultivation
    held by the Plantation Center
  • Guidelines for writers

Download full text: perkebunan_WartaVol27No2-2021.pdf

PROTECTOR : Head of Plantation Research and Development Center / Syafaruddin

RESPONSIBLE : Tedy Dirhamsyah


Chairman concurrently Member : Endang Hadipoentiyanti

Member :

  • Dono Wahyuno
  • Dyah Manohara
  • E. Personal Rini
  • Octivia Trisilawati
  • Iwa Mara Trisawa
  • Hernani


  • Sudarsono
  • Elfiansyah Damanik
  • Osep Lukhaeri

Editorial and Publisher Address:

Plantation Research and Development Center

Apart from being in printed form, Warta is also available in electronic form which can be accessed on-line at

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