Wamentan bagikan benih kopi unggul bersertifikat ke petani

Deputy Minister Of Agriculture Encourages Acceleration Of Technology Adoption Through Dissemination Of Plantation Superior Seeds

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The use of superior seeds or seeds is an important factor in determining the success of cultivation. This was conveyed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, Harvick Hasnul Qolbi, during a working visit to the Indonesian Industrial & Bevarages Crops Research Institute (IIBCRI), Thursday, September 16, 2021.

He also asked farmers to be proactive and not hesitate to send proposals if they needed seed assistance. “Please submit a proposal, we will review whether it is really distributed and planted, because everything must be right on target and appropriate,” he said.

The Wamentan’s wish was agreed by the Head of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD), Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. Moreover, this is in line with the Change Project that is being prepared by the Head of ICECRD, where he wants to evaluate the dissemination of the scope of the ICECRD and accelerate technology adoption at the stakeholder level.

“This is one way to socialize the technology that we have. Hopefully, it can be more exposed to the wider community and accelerate its adoption rate, even to the international level,” said the Head of Research and Development Center.

In this event, invited farmers get certified superior quality Arabica coffee and coconut seeds from the development of IIBCRI and IPCRI for free. The vice minister also reviewed the laboratories that produce technology and other innovations owned by IIBCRI, such as processed coffee and cocoa products, as well as quality biodiesel fuel. (Anjas)

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