Superior Varieties Fragrant Plant Roots


INNOVATION – Estate Crops Research and Development Center, Research and Development Agency Ministry of Agriculture release of plant varieties, namely varieties of vetiver Verina Verina 1 and 2. The varieties included in the 13 varieties of medicinal plants and plantation commodities Center for Estate Crops released in 2011. Varieties of excellence Verina vetiverolnya 1 is a high level of content (%) 50.8 ± 1:41.

Productivity of wet roots 10:38 ± 4:44 tonnes / ha with a productivity of 66.38 kg oil / ha. As for the Verina 2, levels of 55.48 ± 3:17% vetiverolnya with wet root production of 10.64 ± 4:52 tonnes / ha and oil productivity of 60.46 kg / ha. These plants adapt well in the highlands.


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