Meranti Liberoid Superior Variety 1 Superior Coffee From Meranti Islands

Artikel Kopi Berita Perkebunan Highlight

ICECRD NEWS – Meranti Liberoid Coffee is very suitable for the development of coffee plants in peatlands. This has all been proven by the development of the Liberoid coffee plant in the Meranti Islands, Riau Province, precisely in the Coastal Excitious Islands covering an area of ​​1,000 ha on gambaut land.

Liberoid coffee flavor Meranti 1 good enough quality ( excellent ) with a score of 80 to 84.5. This value exceeds the minimum value for the specialty coffee category which is 80, so the potential to produce specialty coffee ( specialty coffee ).

Meranti Liberoid Coffee has been submitted as a peatland coffee that has fulfilled the requirements as a Geographical Indication (IG) and is registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for Merangsang Liberoid Coffee (KLRM). (Anjas)

Complete full text download: Meranti Liberoid Superior Variety 1 Superior Coffee from the Meranti Islands

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