Koerintji Cinnamon Superior Varieties (Cinnamomum Burmanii)

Artikel Kayumanis Berita Perkebunan

ICECRD INFO – Koerintji Cinnamon is cinnamon which contains >90% cinnamaldehyde. This cinnamon has proven to be a special product because it has a distinctive taste that is in demand by world consumers. Through the breeding process and in collaboration with the Plantation Office of Jambi Province and Kerinci Regency, the selected mother tree from the high-producing Cinnamomum burmanii Blume species, which is widely grown in Kerinci in 2019, has been approved by the Plantation Plant Variety Assessment Team to become a superior variety under the name KOERINTJI.

The advantage of Koerintji cinnamon is that the cinnamaldehyde content is very high, around 91.88 – 94.19%, exceeding the SNI standard of 50%. Another advantage of cinnamon is the wet weight of the bark which reaches 80 kg/tree. The wet weight of Koerintji cinnamon exceeds the standard set by Kepmentan number: 05/KPTS/KB.020/1/2018 which is 20 kg/tree. This is because Koerintji cinnamon is genetically and visually has a large and sturdy tree size and is able to absorb nutrients optimally. The availability of seeds until 2020 has been carried out by 350,000 local breeders and will gradually reach 1 million seeds. (Anjas)

Read more Download fulltext: Tekbun Info 12 (1) 2020 

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