Transformation Of The Structural Position Of The ICECRD Into A Functional Officer

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Ministry of Agriculture has transformed positions by inaugurating 1,277 structural echelon III and IV officials to be functional throughout Indonesia, directly or virtually by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Syahrul Yasin Limpo at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Head Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/12). Of the 1,277 job transformations, 167 of them are structural officers within the Agricultural Research and Development Agency (IAARD).

The Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) as one of the IAARD Work Units of the Ministry of Agriculture together with 4 (four) Technical Implementing Units under it, there are 14 (fourteen) echelon III and IV structural officials appointed. The structural officials within the ICECRD who were also appointed were the Head of TU, ​​Head of KSPHP, Head of PE, Head of Subdivision of Personnel and Households, Head of Sub-Division of Programs, Head of Sub-Division of Evaluation, Head of Sub-Division of Cooperation, Head of Sub-Division of Utilization of Research Results, and 3 (three) Heads of Research and Services Services. 3 (three) Heads of Technical Services from the UPT Scope of the Plantation Research and Development Center.

In his directive, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul emphasized that the equalization of positions was a follow-up to President Joko Widodo’s directive so that there would be a simplification of the bureaucracy within the scope of Government agencies.

“Cutting two levels and replacing them with functional positions that value expertise and competence. The goal is to cut lengthy bureaucratic procedures so that organizations and agencies can run effectively and efficiently,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

Syahrul further explained that the simplification of the bureaucracy has a major impact on changing mindsets and work culture, therefore the Minister of Agriculture hopes that all parties can make this a big leap in career opportunity, not as an obstacle

“Functional positions do not make us more relaxed and relaxed in carrying out our duties and functions. Our task is how to ease the task of the state, speed up services and not burden the people,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

“Increase capacity, improve communication, consolidate internally, must be clean (from corruption), and be smarter,” he concluded.

Head of the ICECRD, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D who was present to accompany the inauguration also hoped that the transformation of this position would be able to improve the quality of performance and service to the community.

“After the transformation of this position, I hope that all inaugurated officials can improve the quality of their performance and be able to provide the best service for the community, especially related to the main tasks of the Plantation Research and Development Center as a research institution,” said Him.

“Keep strengthening the solid work team by always being proactive, responsive and solutions to various problems that arise and always complying with existing protocols including health protocols,” he added.

Congratulations and success to all officials within the Ministry of Agriculture who have been inaugurated, hopefully they are able to realize advanced, independent and modern agriculture. (Anjas/Team)

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