Improving The Quality Of Public Services, PPID Of ICECRD Follows The Technical Guidance On Public Information Disclosure Of IAARD

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) has the responsibility to provide optimal information to the community. For this reason, competent Human Resources (HR) are needed to manage these services based on the mandate of Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Openness of Public Information (KIP).

In accordance with the direction of the Head of the ICECRD, the PPID of the ICECRD attended the Technical Guidance (TG) on Public Information Disclosure organized by the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research (IAARD) as an effort to increase the capacity of public information managers in all Work Units/Technical Implementing Units within the scope of IAARD online/offline, on Friday (11/6) , at the IAARD Office, Jakarta.

The activity was attended by Ir. Erwin Zulkarnaen, Coordinator of Public Information Management, Bureau of Public Relations and Public Information (HIP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, as a resource person. In his presentation, Erwin explained about the role of PPID as an institution that must be available at all times to provide information, namely Periodically, Every Time and Immediately.

Furthermore, he also explained that this year the Ministry of Agriculture will again carry out the Public Information Disclosure Ranking for all UK/UPT under it.

“The Public Information Disclosure Ranking will again be carried out by the Public Relations and Public Information Bureau with the aim of spurring the enthusiasm of Information Managers at the Ministry of Agriculture in providing maximum information to the public,” he explained.

“The assessment in this year’s ranking focuses on several main points, namely 1) Independent Assessment Through the SAQ Form, 2) Public Information Disclosure through Agency Websites, 3) Optimizing the Use of PPID Portals, 4) Commitment of UK/UPT Leaders and PPID Officials, and 5) Visitation/Interview. We will study all of these elements today,” added Erwin.

This KIP guidance is made in the form of discussion groups, where each group has a Liaison Officer (LO) from the Ministry of Agriculture’s HIP Bureau who is responsible for providing information and reviewing the final SAQ score of each UK/UPT in the previous year.

PPID Of ICECRD together with other UK/UPT enthusiastically participated in this activity. It is hoped that this TG KIP activity can provide a broader picture of how to maximize the role of PPID from an institution, especially in providing information related to reporting and research results.

The ICECRD itself has been trying to optimally share information about plantation commodities for the wider community. In 2020, the ICECRD won an award as the Responsive Work Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture, followed by the UPT Scope (IIBCRI) as the Most Informative Technical Implementation Unit within the Agricultural Research and Development Agency. This award is a motivation for the PPID Team of the ICECRD together with its 4 UPTs (ISMCRI, ISFCRI, IPCRI, and IIBCRI) to become informative public service institutions at the Ministry of Agriculture. (Anjas-Web Team)

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