Three Scientific Journals Of ICECRD Again Accredited By Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency For Research And Innovation

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Scientific journals are one of the media to convey the results of research innovations from researchers to the public, namely by writing scientific papers (KTI) which will be published in scientific journals. Publication in scientific journals is also one of the most important aspects to support the promotion of functional positions for researchers, lecturers, lecturers and other functions. Of course, published KTI must be in an accredited scientific journal.

Industrial Crops Research Journal (Littri), Industrial Crops Research Review Perspective, Spice and Medicinal Plants Bulletin, Tobacco Crops, Fiber and Industrial Oil Bulletin, Palma Bulletin, and Industrial Plants and Refreshments Journal are 6 (six) scientific journals published by the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) which contains the best writings from researchers, lecturers and stakeholders in the plantation sector, so that it can be a reference for students, researchers, lecturers, and various parties who need it.

Three of the six scientific journals of the Center for Research and Development, namely the Industrial Crops Research Journal (Littri), the Perspective Review of Industrial Crops Research, and the Palma Bulletin, are re-accredited based on the Decree of the Minister of Research and Technology / Head of the Indonesian National Innovation Research Agency number 148 / M / KPT / 2020 dated August 3, 2020, the three scientific journals were again accredited (Fixed Re-accreditation at 2 / S2) for 5 (five) years. In the previous accreditation in 2018, the three scientific journals were also accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, ranked 2 (S2).

The Industrial Crops Research Journal (Jurnal Littri) is a primary scientific publication that contains research results on plantation commodities that have not been published in any media. Littri Journal began publishing KTI since 1987. Starting in 2017, this journal is published twice a year (June and December).

The Perspective of Industrial Crop Research Review is published twice a year (June and December) and is a written review which contains a study of research results in the form of analysis and synthesis of a number of research results and studies on industrial / plantation crop policies. First published in June 2002.

The Palma Bulletin contains articles on the research results of coconut and other palms. This bulletin is published twice a year (June and December), published since 1987.

Head of Puslitbangbun, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. On a separate occasion, he appreciates the hard work that has been done by the Editorial Board and Executive Editor of the scientific journal ICECRD and all parties for the re-accreditation of the Littri and Perspective Journal. Syafaruddin hopes that this achievement can be maintained and even upgraded to rank 1 and indexed by Scopus.

“I am very grateful and proud for the achievements obtained by Puslitbangbun. After receiving the public information disclosure award yesterday from the Ministry of Agriculture, now the scientific journal Puslitbangbun is re-accredited by the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Agency for Research and Technology. Hopefully this we can maintain and even improve. Puslitbangbun will also continue to be committed to providing services to people who need information in the field of plantation technology innovation, “said Syafaruddin.

Syafaruddin also appreciate one UPT namely Crops Research Bulletin Palma Palma as a manager, which also re-accredited Palma Bulletin Kemenristek / her with rank 2. May the scope ICECRD three scientific journals ( Bulletin of Spices and Medicinal Plants , Bulletin Tobacco Plant, Fiber, and Oil Industry , and Industrial Plants and Refreshing Journal ) which will propose re-accreditation through Arjuna can prepare well so that later they will be successfully accredited again, he added. (Anjas)

It is hoped that the re-accreditation of these three ICECRD scientific journals can increase the interest of researchers, students and lecturers to send their KTI to the ICECRD. (Bur / Web Team)

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