Visited by PG. Trangkil, Head Of ICECRD Ready To Cooperate To Develop Sugarcane In Indonesia In 2021

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – (Wednesday, 25/11/20), the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) received a visit from the Trangkil Sugar Factory Leaders and their team in order to strengthen cooperation in the field of sugarcane development in Indonesia which had previously been established with the Research Institute the scope of the Plantation Research and Development Center is the Malang Sweetener and Fiber Research Institute (ISFCRI) .

The leader of PG Trangkil, Heru Cahyono, in his presentation explained that the development of the sugar cane industry is still an unattractive business for the community, especially farmers. He explained that the reason farmers were less interested in cultivating sugarcane was because the costs were still high. Heru hopes that his visit to the Plantation Research and Development Center can pave the way for PG. Trangkil accesses superior sugarcane varieties from the research results of the Plantation Research and Development Center.

“Currently we are focusing on collaborating with several research institutes for plantation commodities, especially sugar cane. We directly feel that the conditions in the field now urgently need high-yielding sugarcane varieties that can produce high value at lower costs for farmers and industry, so we hope that these superior varieties can be accessed at the Plantation Research and Development Center,” said Heru

Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. who also received the visit explained that the ICECRD was always ready when asked to cooperate in the research and development of plantation commodities, one of which was the development of superior sugarcane varieties.

“We are always ready to do our best to work together in the field of research and development of plantation commodities, especially when it comes to helping farmers and the sustainability of sugarcane development in Indonesia. Although this year our research budget has been diverted to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia and has caused a lack of procurement of source and spread seeds which are usually provided by the ICECRD, God willing, in 2021 we are ready to start again to develop our research results to communities in need.” , explained Syafaruddin.

“For high yielding sugarcane varieties, we already have 4 Agribun sugarcane varieties which are known to have high yields and are disease resistant, namely AAS, AMS, ASA, and CMG . We hope that this variety can also be developed nationally because one of our tasks is to disseminate research and innovation results,” added Syafaruddin.

After the discussion, the ICECRD invited a group from PG. Trangkil to visit the Laboratory of Agricultural Superior Seed Management Unit (UPBUP) , ICECRD. At this location, guests received an explanation of the techniques for propagation of plantation commodity seeds, including sugar cane with tissue culture techniques. (Anjas Tim)

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