Receive Assistance For Plantation Superior Seeds, This Is The Hope Of Farmers In The Central Kalimantan Food Estate Area

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) monitors the assistance program for certified plantation superior seeds that have been distributed to farmers in Belanti Siam village, Pandih Batu District, Pulang Pisau Regency, Central Kalimantan, to support the development program for the Food Estate area of ​​30,000 ha in that location. , on Saturday (5/12/20).

The superior seeds distributed included red ginger, turmeric and temulawak from ISMCRI. Liberika coffee from IIBCRI and mature coconut from IPCRI. each seed variety is known to have high productivity and resistance to pests and diseases.

One of the farmers who received the assistance, Mr. Tursiman, thanked the Ministry of Agriculture, especially the ICECRD, the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, which had provided assistance for superior plantation seeds and also technical guidance on how to cultivate them to farmers in Belanti Siam village.

Tursiman hopes that this Food Estate area development program can be successful and sustainable, thereby providing increased income to farmers in the area.

“Hopefully the Food Estate program will be successful and sustainable, and the superior plantation seeds that we plant here can provide an increase in income for us farmers who previously only relied on rice commodities,” said Tursiman.

Another farmer who received assistance was Mr. Jafar, who is one of the leaders of the local farmer group. The plantation seeds he received had been planted in the yard of the house so that it was easy to notice its growth. Jafar is optimistic that this plantation plant will be successful because it is the result of research from the Agricultural Research and Development Agency.

“We, the farmers here have often coordinated with teams from the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, one of which is the Central Kalimantan Agricultural Technology Assessment Center (BPTP) to apply research technology, and thank God it always gives us good results. So, for this plantation seed, we are sure that it will be successful as long as the cultivation method is correct according to what was taught in the previous technical guidances,” explained Jafar.

Furthermore, he also hopes that mentoring activities by the team from the Plantation Research and Development Center can be carried out regularly, so that the plants being cared for can continue to be monitored for their development and grow well.

“We hope that monitoring and assistance like this can be carried out regularly, so that these plants can continue to be monitored for their development and can grow well, because most farmers here have never cultivated plantation commodities, so it needs to be directed,” Jafar hoped.

Head of Program and Evaluation of the ICECRD, Dr. Rustan Massinai, S.TP., M.Sc who represents the Head of the ICECRD, in the monitoring explained, together with the Technical Implementation Unit, the ICECRD routinely monitors and evaluates the activities carried out in the Food Estate area and sends daily progress reports to Head of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency. This is an effort to make the Food Estate program a success in Central Kalimantan according to the direction of the Minister of Agriculture.

The hope is that the plantation seeds that have been given to farmers can grow well and provide additional income, especially for the people in the Central Kalimantan Food Estate area. (Anjas)

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