Tobacco Harvest Field Gathering

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ICECRD NEWS – Research Institute for Sweetener and Fiber Crops (ISFCRI), Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture participated in the Tobacco Harvest Field Meeting held by the Agriculture Service of Lumajang Regency (22/9/20). The field meeting which was attended by the Regent and Deputy Regent of Kab. Lumajang and Forkopinda, Head of the East Java Prop Plantation Service, several researchers from ISFCRI Malang, Plant Seed Supervisor from the Surabaya Plantation Plant Protection and Protection Center, Head of the Agriculture Service Office of Lumajang Regency, Chairman and members of Apti Lumajang Regency, Tobacco Manager (PT. Sadhana Arifnusa, PT. Alliance One Indonesia/AOI & PT. Indonesia Dwi Sembilan/IDS) as well as Chairman & members of farmer groups throughout the District. Lumajang.

Head of the District Agriculture Office. Lumajang in his report said that the tobacco area in 2020 was 761 ha, consisting of 149 ha of Burley tobacco managed by PT. AOI, 502 ha of Kasturi tobacco managed by PT. Sadha Arifnusa and 110 ha of chopped tobacco managed by PT. IDS. On this occasion, grants for agricultural machinery were also provided to farmers in the form of water pumps, sprayers, cultivators, choppers, and tricycles. Until September 22, 2020, PT. Sadhana Arifnusa and PT. AOI has purchased tobacco from farmers, while PT. The new IDS will buy tobacco from farmers next week.

The high-yielding varieties of ISFCRI tobacco used are the Burley TN 90 tobacco variety released in 2004 and the Burley NC 7LC tobacco variety released in 2018. The high-yielding varieties of Kasturi tobacco used are BEI 301 and BEI 301S released by Balittas in 2019 .

Chopped tobacco farmers in Lumajang still use local varieties that have not been released, such as Perketek, Marakot, Baleno and others. From some of these local varieties, starting in 2021 ISFCRI cooperates with the East Java Propagation Disbun and the District Agriculture Office. Lumajang will carry out purification and multi-location testing, so that superior varieties of Lumajang chopped tobacco can be obtained. (Anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (ISFCRI)

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