Grompol Jatim 1 Smoked Tobacco Variety

Varietas Varietas Tembakau

SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – Grompol Jatim-1 Tobacco variety has a production potency between 2,9 and 3,2 tons dried tobacco leaf/ha and a quality index of 78 – 84. This variety has been planted widely by PT. Indonesia Dwi Sembilan (IDS), PT. Pandu Sata Utama, and PT. Indonesia Indah Tobacco Citraniaga, but there is still opportunity to develop this through collaboration with another party. The demands on tobacco seedlings and seeds for this variety can be obtained at Stock Seed Production Unit of the Tobacco and Fiber Plants Research Institute in Malang.


Inventor : Sesanti, Basuki, Suwarso, Fatkhur Rochman

IPR Protection Status : Variety Registration No. 21/PPVHP/2008

Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Insitute

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