Eco-friendly Traps to Control Sexava spp.

Artikel Kelapa Inovasi Teknologi Produk Inovasi

Sexava is an important pest causing serious damage to coconut plantation. Due to intensive use of synthetic insecticide to control the pest, some eco-friendly traps called Balitka MLA-trap, singly or in combination with insect glue (fly glue and tangle food) were developed. Balitka MLA trap was designed based on the behavior of Sexava spp. that was active during night time and moved from one place to other by walking on coconut stem.


The trap was fixed on a coconut trunk at 1 – 1.5 m above the ground. Each palm was fixed with one trap. 10 Balitka MLA traps and 20 coconut palms using insect glue were used in each hectare with total number of 3 hectares coconut plantation was observed. A number of nymph and adult caught by this trap was 1 – 7 individuals/palm/day or 30-210 individuals/palm/month. The trap could also facilitate some natural enemies such as spider and lizard to catch the snared pests easily. A total of 106 to 131 nymphs were caught by tangle foot and fly glue respectively for 3 months exposure. These traps seem to be more effective to catch nymphs than adults Sexava and could potentially be used together with biological control and could replace the use of insecticide in Sexava-infested areas.

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