Research Status of Clove, Application of Technology and Development Strategy with Ecological Basic

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ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Clove (Syzygium aromaticum L.Marr and Perr) is a native spice crop of Indonesia. Development of clove estate areas has experienced up and downs fluctuation doe to desease and price fluctuation that cause farmers do not maintenat plant. Hence, it is necessary to perform extensification and intensification. Extensification means development through the expansion, while the intensification means development through the improvement of technology.

Results of previous studies include land suitability maps and climate, fertilization technology, cropping pattern, maintenance, nurseries and the search for improved varieties have been done. But has not answered the problems of cloves, especially fluctuations in the yield. Extensification efforts require land suitabilityand climate maps, while intensification requires land/environment based technology.

Ecology-based cultivation technologies including varieties, planting, fertilizer, maintenance, cropping pattern, harvest and post harvest should be given attention in order to archive effectively, efficiently and high productivity. The criteria of land and climate suitability, and cultivation technology can be used as guidelines for the development of cloves and as a basis for making a map at operational scale and for determining the appropriate technological package.

This paper aims to examine the technological research that has been done and integrate into a form more efficient cultivation technology-based ecology (soil and climate) for use as the direction and strategy of the development of clove in the futur.

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