Research Status and Strategy in Increase Patchouli Content in Patchouli Oil

Artikel Nilam Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Patchouli (pogostemon cablin Benth.) as the oil-producing plant is known through patchouli oil. Patchouli oil is one of natural ingredient that has a very important role in the industry of cosmetics and perfumes. Patchoulol (patchouli alcohol/PA) is the most important compound which secretes aroma and are often used as an indicator of the quality of patchouli oil.

But this time, the PA content of Indonesia patchouli oil mostly <31%, whereas the ISO standard requires over 31%. Therefore, efforts to incrase the patchouli alcohol content is very imporatnt, either through improved crop or post harvest. Various studies have been conducted from land suitability and climate, varieties and post-harvest.

The results showed that the content of PA can be improved more than 50%. (/Setiawan, and Rosihan Rosman/Researchers at RISMC)

Sources : Perspektif of ICECRD Vol. 12 No. 2, Desember 2013

Download Fulltext : perkebunan_perspektif_vol1222013_5_Setiawan.pdf

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