The Status of Coconut Plant Breeding to Support Providing of Superior Seed in Indonesia

Inovasi Kelapa Inovasi Teknologi

ESTATE CROPS NEWS – Coconut is an estate crop that give many advantages to human being and distributed in all of provinces in Indonesia with a lot of accessions that have high genetic diversity. These causes coconut national productivity is still low that is 1 ton of copra/ha /year.

The Government through Indonesian Coconut and Other Palmae Research Institute present has renamed to Indonesian Palmae Research Institute (IPRI) has conducted research and obtain some superior coconut varieties that potential productivity around 2.5 – 3.5 tons of copra/ha/year. Superior coconut varieties that have been released are tall Coconut Dwarf, Coconut, Hybrid Coconut, and Kopyor Coconut.

Coconut varieties of superior largely are result of selection of the exploration coconut accessions derived from various regions in Indonesia, which has been planted in the experimental garden or high yield block (HYB) area. The procurement of superior coconut seedlings needed by farmers or coconut plantation companies can be taken from an experimental garden or HYB areas. The procurement of Kopyor coconut seed has been doing by biotechnology techniques such as tissue culture, due to kopyor coconut seedlings could not be cultivated by conventional technique. Tissue culture techniques by using the embryo rescue method on kopyor coconut has managed to generate kopyor coconut plants. Recently the kopyor coconut obtained through tissue culture have planted in IPRI experimental garden and fruit is kopyor coconuts reach to 90 % /bunches.

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