Status And Characteristics Of The Fungus Phytophthora As A Pathogen On Vanilla Plants

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Plantation News – The fungus Phytophthora as a pathogen/cause of disease on vanilla plants has been identified, namely Phytophthora capsici. Diseases of shoot rot and vanilla fruit, have not received attention and are not considered to be a production constraint.

There are several conditions that need to be considered because they can trigger an increase in P. capsici fungus attacks in the hatchery and in the field: (a) climatic conditions that are relatively wet and humid throughout the year; (b) the susceptibility of the vanilla varieties that are commonly cultivated; (c) vanilla seedling requires shade and humidity so as to create favorable conditions for shoot rot infection to occur; (d) the conditions of the vanilla plantation are often too humid because the shade plants are not pruned. Therefore, the disease caused by P. capsici, namely shoot and vanilla fruit rot, needs attention because it has the potential to be a trigger (trigger) for the occurrence of vanilla stem rot disease caused by F. oxysporum. (ANJAS)

For details, download full text: plantation_WartaVol27No2-202 1.pdf

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