Strategy For Increasing Professionalism Of Librarians At The Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development

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The Librarian At The Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) participated in the “Appreciation for Improving the Ability of Technical Professionalism and Librarian Administration Performance” held by the Center for Library and Dissemination of Agricultural Technology, at Bumi Gumati Katulampa Bogor, on 29-30 September 2020.

This meeting was opened by the Head of the Library Center for the Dissemination of Agricultural Technology (Dr.Ir. Abdul Basit, MS), accompanied by a resource person from the Head of the Organization and Personnel Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture (Drs. Zulkifli, MM) which was also attended by 35 participants consisting of echelon II officials and III as well as the Librarian within the Ministry of Agriculture under the guidance of Pustaka.

In his speech, the Head of Library said that a functional position is a position that has functions and duties related to functional services, based on certain expertise and skills to achieve goals.

Librarians are also required to be professional, efficient and effective in carrying out their expertise, thus, librarians need to be properly nurtured in improving technical and administrative skills based on career systems and work performance systems.

Basit hopes that librarians must have attachment, be consistent, willing to develop skills and expertise for new things, be innovative and have qualifications and achievement standards.

“The librarian’s performance is regularly monitored and assessed by his direct supervisor. Evaluation / evaluation of librarian performance by direct supervisor is carried out every month against Employee Performance Targets (SKP) which are made at the beginning of the year as a work contract for a librarian with his superior. Meanwhile, the librarian’s work assessment is carried out by the Librarian Functional Assessment Team periodically against the Proposed List of Credit Score (DUPAK) which functions as a means for promotion / position which will also impact the increase in allowances, “added Abdul Basit.

The Head of the Organization and Personnel Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture highly appreciates the performance of Pustaka which actively improves the professionalism of the assisted Librarians. Zulkifli said that the Ministry of Agriculture is currently in the process of downsizing, all employees are encouraged to occupy certain functional positions. The existence of the Librarian Functional Position has been around for a long time and continues to develop, both in terms of regulations and administrative management as evidenced by the issuance of new regulations within the internal scope of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as from MENPANRB and National Library of Indonesia.

“Other assignments outside the Librarian task force in writing and orally from the leadership must be considered and carried out as well as possible, as a form of loyalty to the leadership and the institution in achieving predetermined performance, to continue to perform for capacity building and to support the main tasks of the institution” , said Zulkifli.

On different occasions the Head of the ICECRD (Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D) hopes that the Librarian of the ICECRD should be able to provide changes in administrative management, be flexible in providing scientific information services and be able to utilize information technology which is always developing, has integrity, has a commitment that is the responsibility of areas of expertise and a high work ethic. He also always provides opportunities and facilitates all ASN Plantation Research and Development Center to develop their competence. (ERRI-WEB TEAM)

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