Socialization And Training Of BPP Kostratani Model In Ciater, Subang

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

Ciater, Subang (12/08/2020), Kostratani is the center for agricultural development activities at the District level, which is the optimization of the tasks, functions and roles of the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) in realizing national food sovereignty.

The long-term goal of Kostratani is to optimize the Duties, Functions and Roles of the BPP (Agricultural Extension Center) as the Sub-District Level Agricultural Development Center in Realizing National Food Sovereignty. Furthermore, the short-term kostratani objectives are the fulfillment of facilities, infrastructure, institutions, capacity of agricultural human resources and the implementation of information technology-based agricultural development in the District.

After coordinating with the Department of Agriculture (11/08/2020) Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D., along with the Head of the KSPHP Division and the Head of the Cooperation Sub-Division to continue the socialization and training activities of the BPP Ciater Model Kostratani (12/08/2020) which was attended by 25 participants from the Head of the Agriculture Service, Head of Sub-District, Danramil, Kapolsek , Babinsa, Village Head, extension agent, head of farmer and farmer groups. The material presented was related to Kostratani policies and programs, the use of information technology (IT) as a medium of communication and counseling, and steps for Kostratani reporting based online and connected to the Argriculture War Room (AWR) of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Before the activity started, the event began with a speech from the Head of Ciater Sub-district, Cucu Wahyu, S.Pd, S.IP ,. M.Si as the person in charge of kostratani activities in Ciater District. In his speech, the Camat Ciater emphasized the importance of Kostratani in spurring the growth of the agricultural sector, especially in increasing farmers’ income through the dissemination of agricultural technology through information and technology-based counseling. The sub-district head, also hopes that the synergy between kostratani and the Plantation Research and Development Center will be a new energy in conducting extension activities in Ciater District.

In line with the Camat’s hopes, the Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development will carry out the mandate of Kostratani assistance maximally by maximizing existing resources in order to make Kostratani successful in providing food for 267 million people, the welfare of farmers through increasing productivity, quality and continuity and boosting exports.

In his opening remarks and opening, the Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development emphasized the importance of Kostratani in accelerating progress, independence and modernization of agricultural development. For this reason, all parties, especially the Provincial Agriculture Office, District to District (BPP) must welcome and carry out social activities seriously and work hard in maximizing the resources they have, especially IT and extension workers, he said.

After the speech, the event was continued with the presentation of material by the Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development regarding Kostratani policies. Then the explanation related to the use of communication technology applications by the Head of the KSPHP Dr. Tedy Dirhamsyah and techniques and steps for social reporting are connected to the Agriculture War Room (AWR). Participants followed with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

On a separate occasion, one of the extension agents stated that he was committed to supporting and the success of social activities, especially in commodity data input and its development in the context of agricultural progress.

After delivering his presentation, the Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development, expressed his appreciation for the commitment of the Ciater Sub-district Head in supporting socialization and training activities. Furthermore, the results that have been received from the training activities will be immediately followed up in the form of real action through the social activities that have been determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, he hoped. (SAE-TEAM WEB)

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