Solutions to Meet the Needs of Beef: Herbs to Improve Cow Fertility

Inovasi Teknologi Produk Inovasi

ESTATE CROPS INNOVATION – Utilization of medicinal herbs for the purpose of increasing fertility in humans has long been known, but not much done to animal. National program of self-sufficiency in beef, one of the programs carried out through artificial insemination (AI). Increased productivity of beef cattle through IB using excel as a stud beef cattle, as efforts to improve varieties.

Some herbs such as Purwoceng, pasakbumi, chili Java, galangal, ginger has become aphrosidiaka products for humans and has also been applied to the cow. Gathering of the findings (ginger, ground ireng, galangal), has been studied for human endurance enhancer (munomodulator), appetite enhancer, and is aphrodisiaka. In addition, some plants are known as enhancer of vitality (aphrodisiaka), of which the earth peg (Eurycoma longifolia Jack), Purwoceng (Pimpenella purwatjan), and cayenne Java (Piper retrofractum L.). Herbal cattle in the form of powder applied orally. The advantages of this herb is that it can increase semen concentration, motility, semen, semen amount of life and increase the quantity and quality of semen, adds weight and can reduce the production cost of IB. Bull fertility can be improved after being given medicine marked by increasing the quality and quantity of semen.

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