Digitalization Of Content Management, And Services, Is An Absolute Must At This Time To Expand The Reach Of Information

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) of the Ministry of Agriculture held a Coordination event for the Management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within the scope of IAARD at Savero Hotel Depok on 17-19 March 2021. The event was opened by the Secretary of the Agency, Dr. Ir. Haris Syahbuddin, DEA. (17/3/21). In his speech Haris said that digitalization of management, content, and services is an absolute must that must be mastered in the current era to expand the reach of information. The Secretary of the Agency also encourages all Work Units and Technical Implementation Units (UK/UPT) to utilize ICT to support the implementation of the duties and functions of each unit and to continue to disseminate information to the public.

Furthermore, Haris in the opening ceremony, Mr. Sesba said that in the spirit of a leader, one must have an innovative spirit that will make changes in the world of ICT. ICT management must be able to support the dissemination of innovation and be able to encourage the growth of modern agriculture based on information technology to achieve the strategic goals of IAARD.

This ICT coordination within the scope of IAARD lasted for three days (17-19 March 2021) which was attended by 30 participants off line (face to face) and 60 participants online (online) for ICT managers within the scope of IAARD. From the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) attended by the Substance Coordinator of KSPHP Dr. Tedy Dirhamsyah, and Sub Coordinator for PHP Substance Sudarsono, SE., and Bursatriannyo, S.Komp. as a Young Expert Computer Institution as well as the ICT manager of the ICECRD.

The rounddown for ICT events within the scope of IAARD in 2021, namely:
The first day, the presentation of material from the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) delivered by Rachmad Erwanto, reviewed website penetration testing & security. Security testing is a technique to find loopholes and system weaknesses that may result in loss of information, revenue, services, reputation in the hands of employees or external parties of an organization. While the second speaker from Gunadharma University was delivered by Dr. Reza Chandra, reviewing the Use of Google Analytics. In his presentation, he said that Google Analytics is a tool for monitoring website traffic and also provides various data related to website performance. Several types of Google Analytics data include: Realtime access, visitor demographics, visitor behavior, traffic counts, traffic sources, website performance.

The second day, the presentation of material from the Center for Agricultural Information Data and Information (Pusdatin, Ministry of Agriculture) on the Governance of ICT and Data Center Services at the Ministry of Agriculture. There is a National digital transformation regulation. Based on SPBE Presidential Regulation No. 95 of 2018, SPBE is a government administration that utilizes information and communication technology to provide services to SPBE users. Meanwhile, the second pameteri from the Secretariat of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency explained about the ICT IAARD Framework consisting of Infrastructure, Back Office, Front Office, and ICT HR. In the afternoon, presentations on the Evaluation and Concept of ICT Development for the Research and Development Unit for the Scope of IAARD were delivered by ICT managers from each of the Work Units within the IAARD scope . The presentation of the material on Evaluation and Concepts of ICT Development within the Plantation Research and Development Center was presented by Bursatriannyo, S.Komp. as a Young Expert Computer Institution as well as ICT manager at the ICECRD.

The third day, presentation of material on Tips and Tricks for Managing Periodic Scientific Journals Towards Scopus Indexing. This material was delivered by Prof. Dr. Ismeth Inounu as Chief Editor of the Journal of Animal and Veterinary Science (JITV) of the Animal Husbandry Research and Development Center. This JITV journal has been indexed by Scopus since March 8, 2020 and Accredited Sinta 1 (S1) from the Ministry of Research and Technology / BRIN in June 2020. In his presentation, Prof. Ismeth told that the process of submitting to Scopus until it is accepted takes 2 years and the requirements set by Scopus that must be met according to the stages.

The reading of the formula read by the Sub Coordinator of Datin, Hendra Yuniar, S.Kom., M.Kom. The direction and closing by the Coordinator of the Planning Substance of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, Dr. Arief Surachman conveyed several notes of concern for the management of the IAARD scope. These records include increasing Webometers, maintaining website security, and online media coverage .

It is hoped that with the coordination of the ICT management of the IAARD, participants will be able to analyze website performance and traffic visits and be able to perform software testing to ensure systems and applications are free from any vulnerabilities, threats, or risks that can cause major losses. (Anjas)

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