Sugar Palm National Seminar, 26-27 September 2012


KUTIM, ICECRD – In accordance to the issue of environment and health, addressing the energy shortage in the future will be directed to renewable and environmentally friendly sources, i.e. biofuels/ bioenergy which one of them is bioethanol.

However, almost all sources of biofuel feedstock often compete with food needs. In this context, sugar palm trees can take on the role as one of the important sources of biofeul because sap productivity is high. In 2011 Indonesian Research Institute for Palma in collaboration with the Local Agency for Estate Crops in East Kutai has released Dwarf sugar palm trees with the advantages of high sap productivity and producing at the age of 6 years. Hopefully through sugar palm development efforts we would able to increase income of farmers and preserve the natural resources and the environment.

Nowadays, potenty on the usage of sugar palm as an agribusiness commodity is quite promising. Therefore, it should be supported by development of appropriate strategies, especially in sub-optimal land less productive. Knowledge and information technology related to palm cultivation should be encouraged since R&D of sugar palm is still relatively limited.

Related to those issues, the Indonesian Research Institute for Palma ,ICECRD in collaboration with the local agency for Estate Crops in East Kutai (Disbun Kutai Timur) will hold a sugar palm National Seminar on 26th -27th September 2012 held at Novotel Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Theme of the seminar “Sugar Palm for Food and Alternative Renewable Energy” aims to (1) Introducing Sugar palm as a source of food and energy and the development of its technological innovation, (2) Reconciling the policy makers and researchers / scholars and the business community to improve the utilization sugar palm as source of food and energy, and (3) Assisting stakeholders to develop the dwarf varieties of sugar palm.


Key Speakers:

  1. Institutional Strengthening to Support the Development of sugar Palm as a Source of Potential Food and substitute renewable energy (Mr. Siswono Yudohusodo/ Members of House Commission VI).
  2. Directions and Development of sugar palm Technology Innovation strategies (Dr.Ir. Haryono / Director of IAARD)


Main Speakers

  1. Development Program of Sugar Palm as Specific Location commodity of East Kutai (Regent of East Kutai, East Kalimantan).
  2. Operational Strategy of sugar palm Development as a National Source of Food and Renewable Energy (Directorate General of Plantation).
  3. Diversification, Opportunities and Challenges of sugar palm Processed Products (Association of Food Beverage Indonesia / GAPMMI)
  4. Sugar palm as source of Bioethanol (Prof. Dr. Bambang Prastowo – Forum Communications Research Professor AARD).


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