Sago, Now And Later In North Luwu

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Sago is one of the palm plants that is very close to the people of North Luwu. In addition to various culinary delights made from sago, which is a mandatory menu in the Regency, which is led by this beautiful Regent. As a sign of pride for its citizens, the North Luwu Regency logo also includes sago plants.

The journey began with a physical coordination meeting with the RPIK (Collaborative Innovative Development Research) team at the South Sulawesi Agricultural Technology Study Center (BPTP) in Makassar. Several things were discussed related to the preparation of the base line survey to ‘take pictures’ of the condition of sago management in the target locations of the RPIK program.

The second day the RPIK team headed to Palopo, the capital of North Luwu. In addition to meeting with farmers, extension workers and business actors in sago processing, he also met the Regent of North Luwu Indah Putri Indriani SIP, M.Sc. Through the delivery of farmers and extension workers, it is known that the existence of sago in this area is starting to worry about the sustainability of its population due to changes in land use, the lack of trees ready to be cut per year, the low economic value of sago starch, the productivity of sago, the unavailability of superior seeds for sago saplings for development and various social problems. economy . (anjas)

What is the journey record of the RPIK Sagu ‘base line survey’ team in North Luwu next…. see the info at the following link: About Sago Now and Later in North Luwu

Source: Palma Research Institute (Balit Palma)

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