Regeneration Of Noble Cocoa Clones Through Somatic Embryogenesis

Artikel Kakao Berita Perkebunan

ESTATE CROPS INFO – Development of cocoa regeneration methods through somatic embryo-genesis has been carried out in several laboratories with different levels of efficiency depending on the composition of the media, growth regulators, types of explants and genotypes (Ajjah et al ., 2016, Ajijah, 2016, Ajijah and Hartati, 2016). The development of regeneration methods of noble cocoa through somatic em-briogenesis at ICECRD has been carried out on DR 2 and ICCRI 2 clones. Somatic embryogenesis was induced using flower crown explants or staminoids. Callus was induced on DKW medium with the addition of growth regulators (ZPT) 2,4-D 2 mg / l and kinetn 0.5 mg / l, while somatic embryo formation was induced on DKW medium without ZPT (Figure 1a), as well as Germination and plantlet formation were carried out on DKW media without ZPT. (Anjas)

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