Ramindo 1 Ramie (Bochmeria nivea) Variety

Berita Perkebunan Inovasi Teknologi Varietas

SUPERIOR VARIETY OF ESTATE CROPS – One of the fibre plants potentially developed in Indonesia is ramie plant. Ramindo 1 variety has specific characteristics namely having small leaves, bright green, roough-wrinkled, densed fine hairy, taper leaf angle, densed red bud composite, the leaves are slightly serrated and sharp. The pink flower in color will turn red when the flowers are old/ripe. This ramie variety has green stems and 190-255 cm in height, stem diameter of about 11-13 mm, and the number of tillers of about 12-17 tillers/clump.


Inventor : Untung Setyo Budi, Rr. Sri Hartati, Rully D. Purwati, Marjani, Budi Santoso, Djumali

Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Insitute

IPR Protection Status : Variety Registration No. 46/PVHP/2008

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