Evaluation and Coordination Meeting of ICECRD’s Activities 2011

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

BANDUNG, ICECRD – Coordination and Evaluation meeting was held in Bandung on 23-24 July 2011. The meeting was attended by Director of ICECRD, Dr. M. Syakir, head of Program and Evaluation Division, Dr. Rubiyo, head Cooperation and Dissemination Division, Dr. S. Joni Munarso, head of Administration Division, Ir. Anik Sri Suryani MS, head of IMACRI, Dr. Nurliani Bermawie, head of ICOPRI, Dr.Chandra Indrawanto, Ka ISICRI, Dr. Agus Wahyudi, head of IToFCRI Ir. Bambang Heliyanto PhD, as well as the entire echelon IV of ICECRD and a Policy research group of ICECRD.

The meeting was opened by Dr. M. Syakir, during the speech he said that currently challenge increasingly severe, especially in producing superior technology. To answer this problem heads of Research Institute were expected to generate appropriate technologies that truly benefit the people so that funds could be justified morally.

Mr. syakir also acknowledged with the highest gratitude to all staff for their hard work and participation so that the two AARD’s activities led by him i.e. Technology Expo at the Penas 2011 in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan and the House Sustainable Food in Pacitan, Central Java received an award from the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Suswono in 39 Agricultural Activities Day event, 2011. Finally, he expected researchers were able to answer a variety of other serious challenges, such as sugarcane to produce standard operating procedures that were capable of supporting self-sufficiency sugar without doing land extensification.

The next event was presentation from the entire heads of Research Institute, head of PE and Chief Administrative related to activities being carried out in 2011 and planned activities to be implemented in 2012. On the second day, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Manoko Experimental Garden, Lembang to see the maintenance of dairy cows fed with waste of citronella, which could serve as a concrete example of how to take advantage of Experimental Garden in order to improve non-tax revenues.

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