Agency for Agricultural Research Meeting, 25-27 May 2012

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

BOGOR, ESTATE CROPS – Meeting of Agricultural Research and Development Board held 25 – May 27, 2012 in Bogor, the theme of “Increasing Role in Technology Innovation Accelerated Success Target Achievement of the National Agricultural Development. Raker followed by Echelon I, II, III and IV and Research Professor / Senior Researcher scope of AARD.
Minister of Agriculture, represented by the Head of Agricultural Research at the opening of the Raker noted that in 2011 AARD has met all the targets set for the provision of seed sources of rice, corn and soybeans. “In the future agricultural development must be based on the results of research and development”

He also noted that the Agency will continue to develop the Agricultural Research System Modelling as a tool in policy making and are referred to by all parties concerned the scope of the Ministry of Agriculture in planning activities, including the preparation of the Government Work Plan (RKP) 2013.

Inauguration of “Griya Jamu”

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Union Ministry of Agriculture Dharmawanita, Mrs. Rusman Heriawan inaugurate “Griya Jamu” complex located in Plantation Research and Development Center. The event was hosted by the Center for Head Plantation Dr. M Shakir, MS, which was attended by the Executive Agency for Agricultural Research Dharmawanita Union.

After the inauguration Griya Jamu, the group invited to Head Plantation visit the Center for the stock of seeds / seed plants located in the scientific area 2. (Bur, source: National Litbangtan, photo: Agus B.)

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