The ICECRD Socializes Innovation And Area-Based Sugarcane Development Program In Blitar

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – The Ministry of Agriculture through the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) in 2021 conducted a Collaborative Innovative Development Research (RPIK) of sugarcane in Blitar Regency, East Java. The
Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) as one of the IAARD work units carried out the socialization of the RPIK development program in Binangun District, Kab. Blitar (3/6/21).

The socialization of sustainable sugarcane development in the regions was attended by approximately 100 representatives from each person in charge of sugarcane RPIK from the ICECRD, Indonesian Sweetener & Fiber Crops Research Institute (ISFCRI), Indonesian Center for Agricultural Mechanization Development (ICAMD), Beef Cattle Research Workshop, farmers/ sugarcane farmer groups participating in the 2021 sugarcane RPIK program, representatives from the District Plantation Office. Blitar, PG Rejoso Manis Indo, PG. Ngadirejo, Head of Binangun Sub-district, Head of Ngembul Village, and Polbangtan Students. Activities are carried out by following health protocols by requiring hand washing, wearing masks and hand sanitizers, and sitting in chairs that are spaced between participants.

The event began with remarks from the Head of Binangun Subdistrict, Hendry Bagus Dwitanto, SH. MM., where he advised the fostered farmers to play an active role and take advantage of this sugarcane RPIK activity, so that they can develop agriculture in the Blitar area, especially in the Binangun area, he said. In addition, students / alumni of Polbangtan Blitar can be involved in activities while waiting for placement from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The event was followed by a speech from the Head of Department of Agriculture and Food Blitar represented by Harsono, SP, followed by the official opening by the ICECRD, represented by the Coordinator of Evaluation Sub Jumari S.IP . On this occasion, he expressed his hope to get support and cooperation from farmers, local governments and sugar factories to apply the technology that has been produced by the Plantation Research and Development Center in encouraging the development of sugarcane in Blitar and improving the welfare of farmers.

The Socialization of the Innovation and Area-Based Sustainable Sugarcane Development Program was delivered by the Head of ISFCRI, represented by the ISFCRI Program Coordinator, Dr. Ir. Budi Hariyono, MP . The program that will be implemented consists of 4 main priority programs, said Budi. These include (1) increasing sugarcane productivity through the development of VUB and supporting technology, (2) increasing seedling capacity, 3) post-harvest technology and machinery engineering, and 4) development of an integrated system for cattle sugarcane.

In the discussion session, the farmers conveyed the problems found in the sugarcane RPIK activities to obtain solutions.

The socialization activity ended with a speech by the Village Head of Binangun who expressed his gratitude and hoped that the activity could continue to be useful for the people of Binangun, especially sugarcane farmers. (Anjas)

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