ICECRD Expands Cooperation With Multidisciplinary And Cross-Sectoral PRN Consortium (KEHATI)

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Head of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D gave a speech before the Signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the ICECRD and the Multidisciplinary and Cross-Sectoral PRN Consortium (KEHATI). The signing of this collaboration on the Utilization of Indonesia’s Biodiversity for Health, Other Industrial Products and Environmental Productivity online on Tuesday (1/12/2020).

Also present at the event were cooperation partners from the Bureau of Cooperation, Law and Public Relations LIPI; LIPI Biomaterials Research Center; LIPI Biology Research Center; LIPI Chemical Research Center; LIPI Informatics Research Center; Indonesian Fiber Council; Center for the Assessment and Development of Agricultural Technology (BBP2TP); Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (ISFCRI); Maluku Agricultural Technology Study Center (BPTP); and other participants.

At the beginning of his speech, Syafaruddin said that the ICECRD as a research and development institution for plantation commodities under the Agricultural Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, received a large and strategic mandate to be able to produce technological innovations through high-quality research activities. These technological innovations can be further utilized and developed by the wider community, especially domestic and foreign stakeholders to increase added value and welfare.

“One form of technology development and dissemination is through the expansion of the cooperation network. Based on TA data. 2019-2020 Plantation Research and Development Center has expanded its cooperation with various parties, namely Regional Governments, Universities, Private and State-Owned Enterprises. As many as 24 partners who have entered into cooperation agreements, namely: 17 universities, 1 local government, 4 research institutes / research centers and 2 private / state-owned enterprises, said Syafaruddin.

The Kapus welcomed the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between the ICECRD and the LIPI Biomaterials Research Center, the National Fiber Council, the Center for the Assessment and Development of Agricultural Technology (BBP2TP) which aims to synergize, support and realize National Research Priorities with a Multidisciplinary and Cross-Sectoral Research Focus ( KEHATI) which includes planning, implementation, and dissemination, for the realization of the provision of a digital information system and identification system for Indonesian natural fibers as well as the availability of starch and cellulose-based super hydrogels as drug delivery .

The ICECRD hopes that this collaboration can run well, be structured, measurable and be able to produce the expected goals together, so that it can provide benefits for each party.

“Furthermore, I would like to congratulate the Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Institute (ISFCRI) for being trusted in this research. I hope that the entire research team involved in this activity will be able to demonstrate their dedication and professionalism. We also congratulate the cooperation partners, hopefully the activities designed together through this collaboration will be able to produce the best for the progress of the Nation and the State, “said Syafaruddin.

After the remarks and signing of the cooperation agreement, the activity continued with a sharpening discussion regarding the background, objectives, scope and plans for implementing the activities.

The Head of Research and Development Center who was accompanied by the Head of Cooperation and Utilization of Research Results, the Head of the Sub-Division of Cooperation and the Head of the Sub-Division of Utilization of Research Results, at the end of the activity expressed his gratitude and highest appreciation to the Head of the LIPI Biomaterials Research Center and the organizing committee of this activity. Hopefully, the signing of this collaboration will be a good start in building synergies to encourage the advancement of science and improve the welfare of the Indonesian people. (Anjas)

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