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ICECRD Supports The Efforts To Increase Production And Competitiveness Of Lampung Pepper

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Pepper is one of the strategic plantation commodities that the government is focusing on developing through increased production and competitiveness. From the increase in production and competitiveness, it is hoped that it can contribute to increasing farmers’ income and welfare as well as boosting Indonesia’s agricultural exports.

To support the government’s efforts to increase pepper production and competitiveness, the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) will hold a series of activities in Lampung Province. This was conveyed by the Head of the ICECRD, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D , in an audience with the Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaedi , in Mahan Agung, Bandarlampung, Wednesday (24/03/2021).

The series of activities consisted of: Technology Assistance, Increasing Value Added, Making Demonstration Plots, and Development of Corporate-Based Areas. Technology assistance includes seedlings, development of mother gardens, cultivation in accordance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and post-harvest.

Product diversification and post-harvest management will be introduced in value added activities. Meanwhile, the making of the demonstration plot according to GAP is carried out by building seed source gardens, main gardens, and rehabilitating or intensifying existing gardens.

Various kinds of integrated crop management cultivation technologies will also be introduced in the making of the demonstration plot. Among them are the use of superior varieties, the use of single leaf cuttings, organic materials, biological fertilizers, SOP fertilizers, vegetable pesticides, biological agents, drainage management, drip irrigation, and natural mulch. There is also a robotic fertigation application that can accurately manage nutrients and water in pepper, said Syafaruddin.

Furthermore, Syafaruddin said that corporate-based regional development was intended to strengthen farmer consolidation in modern economic business institutions, increase farmers’ accessibility to capital, increase partnership connectivity with modern processing and trade industries, and encourage agricultural modernization and integration with public facilities or infrastructure.

Syafaruddin explained that the activity would be carried out in 2021. The location for the pepper plantation development is planned in Tanggamus, North Lampung, East Lampung, and Way Kanan districts.

On that occasion, the Governor of Lampung Arinal Djunaidi welcomed the planned activities of the ICECRD related to Pepper. “I am very concerned about raising the pepper. We have to get up about the pepper. History shows that the pepper producers in Indonesia are Lampung and Bangka Belitung, and even contribute to world pepper. For that, let’s get up and cooperate, ”said Governor Arinal.

Governor Arinal said that he agreed with the plans for the ICECRD to carry out activities related to Pepper in Lampung Province. “This is very appropriate, considering that Lampung has been appointed by the Minister of Agriculture as a Granary for Agriculture. Then, the President has said that Lampung can take care of the needs of DKI Jakarta, so that Jakarta is not disturbed because the needs are not met. And he knows that 40 percent of Jakarta’s agricultural needs come from Lampung, ”he said.

Governor Arinal said that the pepper producers in Lampung are in the Way Kanan, North Lampung, Central Lampung, Tanggamus and East Lampung regions. In the future, Governor Arinal wants the ICECRD, Lampung Balitbangda, BPTP and the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lampung to collaborate and cooperate with each other. So that Lampung pepper is getting up and triumphant.

a Kapus audience with the Governor of Lampung on pepper development

In the audience, Prof. Dr. Irwan Sukri Banuwa Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture UNILA , Assistant for Economy and Development, Head of Research and Development Agency, Head of Plantation Office, Head of Lampung AIAT, Head of IIBCRI, Coordinator of KSPHP, and PE Coordinator of the ICECRD and Researchers of ISMCRI (Anjas).

a Kapus audience with the Governor of Lampung on pepper development

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