Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development Supports Innovative And Collaborative Research (RIK), IAARD

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

As a follow-up to the Collaborative Innovative Research discussion meeting at the Margo City Hotel on September 4, 2020, the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) as Coordinator of the Main Priority Program (PPU) for the Development of Spices and Medicines, held a coordination meeting on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 in the Meeting Room, Floor 2 ICECRD. The meeting was chaired by the Head of the Program and Evaluation Division of the ICECRD (Dr. Rustan Massinai, S.TP., M.Sc.), attended by the Head of the Planning Division of IAARD, Head of PE in the scope of IAARD, Prof. Dr. Deciyanto Soetopo, Prof. Dr. Elna Karmawati, and Head of the Center for Policy Analysis at the Center for Research and Development.

The meeting that used health protocols and the handling of Covid-19 discussed the Plan for Research and Innovation and Collaboration (RIK) Activities for 2021 with the theme Development of Spices and Traditional Medicines and Local Food.

In his Sabutan, Rustan Massinai hopes that all people in charge will work together, coordinate, align the activities that have been planned and carry out according to the technical guidelines that have been made so that they do not deviate from the predetermined time and results, added Rustan.

Prof. Dr. Elna Karmawati and Prof. Dr. Deciyanto Soetopo as the representative of the IAARD Self Assessment (SA) Team gave direction that RIK was intended to increase synergy and efficiency and avoid overlapping research activities. Initially, the PPU for the development of spices and drugs was intended for Eucalyptus research from upstream to downstream which produced formulas to patents. RIK Activities That will be selected are those with a high TKT (6-8), and have a clear output roadmap from the first year to 2024, and support the PPU targets that have been set.

The PPU for the Development of Spices and Medicines initially determined the final output of cultivation technology and derivative products of pepper, eucalyptus, sangkubak, and medicinal plants as dengue fever medicine and livestock herbal medicine. But the Head of Division. Planning IAARD suggests that this PPU only focuses on one or two plants due to limited budget and human resources, so that it can produce superior and quality output. The meeting agreed that the PPU for the development of spices and medicinal plants will focus on pepper and essential plants. Alternative research locations are in Babylon (for pepper) and West Java and East Java (for essential crops).

With the determination of the focus and location of this PPU, then all UK supporting PPU for Spices and Medicines are expected to improve and propose the Collaborative Innovative Research Digest Project Matrix (RIK) of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency through the Plantation Research and Development Center as the coordinator. The next RIK planning agenda, the IA team of the Litbang Agency will: 1) socialize the RIK Pedum to the PPU Coordinator; 2) hear the explanation from the PPU Coordinator regarding the results of the discussion of each PPU, and 3) evaluate the proposed RIK activities. (Sudarsono / Web Team)

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