ICECRD Participating in the Exhibition Center for Food Gardening

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun

JAKARTA,ICECRD – Center for Estate Crops Research and Development, Agency for Agricultural Research, Ministry of Agriculture participated in the Seminar and Exhibition of Food Secutiry Summit Jakarta dated February 7 to 10, 2012 in Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta. Seminar and exhibition was conceived Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia with the theme “Feed Indonesia Feed the World” that leads the Competitive and Sustainable self-sufficiency and encourage products Ungguk Become World Prima Donna. This activity was held in order to synergize the steps of stakeholders in order to obtain a breakthrough in achieving national food security, as well as a food supplier countries of the world.


The event was opened by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which was attended by: the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Public Works, National Land Agency, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Entrepreneurs, Higher Education, Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, Minister Economic Affairs, the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Finance, POM, Perum BULOG, etc. Private company.

In his speech the President said it was not easy to increase world food production by 60 percent of current production to the year 2045 amid climate change and other global problems. Therefore, the President said that the importance of collaboration of all stakeholders, including government, private sector, researchers, farmers, and food industry, to strengthen national food security. Demand for food will continue to increase with increasing population. in addition, the increase in middle-class community directly encourage increased food consumption due to an increase in purchasing power. The President then delivered the adage “People are intelligent always see challenges as opportunities.” If one side there is a shortage of food means that here there is an opportunity and space to produce something that can create employment, increase purchasing power, so that people’s food needs can be met.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Rusman Heriawan in his speech acknowledged the weakness of coordination in the implementation of policies in achieving food security of the centers, regions, until the household level. Center of thinking about national food needs, while the regional thinking, so when a local food needs are met, they often do not want to open the entrance of food products from other regions or other countries for the benefit of the marketing.

Chairman of Kadin Indonesia Bambang Suryo Sulisto, in his speech said that the support of innovative financing is needed to overcome all the obstacles related to the agribusiness chain as one of the nursery, the best and sustainable cultivation, harvesting, processing, transport to market access as well as insurance and financing schemes. For example, a country that has this kind of scheme is capable of making Brazil soybean, sugar cane and livestock as the belle of the world. And in Indonesia itself, a similar success story occurred in the oil palm commodity programs with the core plasma which is a partnership between farmers and companies. The development of smallholders in Indonesia is the key to realize security and food self-sufficiency. In the field of palm oil, 40% or 3.2 million hectares of oil palm plantations all over Indonesia, amounting to 7.9 million acres owned by farmers / smallholders. “

Center for Estate Crops on this occasion mamamerkan results of his research include plant seeds plant seeds such as red ginger, galingale, and meeting buffoonery and its rhizome. Product leaves the dried herbs such as bay leaves, leaf cat whiskers, god petals, leaves tread virgin, betel leaf, noni leaf, the leaves and blood continued guava leaves.Products in containers such as capsules healtro ciplukan, Nourish shampoo, Citro, violet leaf, androcop, turmeric. Other capsule products such as pearl grass, asiaticap, soursop leaves, taro mice, soap citrinella, meniran, Dutch identity, meeting buffoonery, bay leaves, aromatic balm, rosella and coconut oil (VCO).

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