ICECRD Actively Supports The MBKM Program Of Agriculture Faculty of Sudirman University

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – After receiving a visit from the Trangkil Sugar Factory (PG) Leaders in the context of exploring cooperation, they continued to receive a visit from the Directorate General of Plantation of the Ministry of Agriculture at the Plantation Research and Development Center (25/11/2020), Head of Center Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. continued the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activity organized by the Faculty of Agriculture , Jenderal Sudirman University as a resource person. The FGD activity was held with the theme “Building Sustainable Cooperation in the Framework of Implementing the Kurikulum Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM).

This activity is a follow-up to the collaboration between the Plantation Research and Development Center and the Unsoed Faculty of Agriculture which was signed in July 2020 with the scope and purpose of supporting and succeeding the MBKM program. On a different occasion, during the signing of the collaboration between the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Ir. Anisur Rosyad, MS welcomes the cooperation and hopes that a follow-up will be carried out starting in 2021.

FGD in the context of implementing the MBKM Faperta Unsoed curriculum, where students are given the opportunity to study outside the campus and to accelerate and streamline the program, it is necessary to build sustainable and synergized cooperation with various partners, both private (industry) and the government, said Anisur during his remarks and opening FGD (26/11/2020).

Activities that can be energized include; partner as a practicing lecturer, a student internship place, a student field practice place, a student research place and a place to practice student entrepreneurship. As a collaboration partner, Faperta Unsoed has human resources (lecturers as experts, laboratory assistants, technicians, students) and laboratories that can be used to support partner development, Teas Anisur.

Head of the Center for Plantation Research and Development, Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. welcomes various activities in order to support the MBKM program as he emphasized in various directions and remarks at the signing of collaborations and webinars with various Faculties of Agriculture in Indonesia, especially the FGD by Faperta Unsoed which was attended by various partners and potential partners from Balit, Research Center and Center for Research and Development in the scope of Balitbangtan.

Prior to the presentation, Syafaruddin emphasized that this year the Plantation Research and Development Center has collaborated with 10 Faculties of Agriculture and Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (UPN Veteran DIY, POLBANGTAN, INSTIPER DIY, UNAND, UNSOED, UNS, UNEJ, UNTIDAR and UNSRAT) as well as Regional Governments, Private and other Research Institutes. In 2021, it will be expanded with various other universities to maximize research activities and development of plantation technology innovations.

The purpose of this collaboration is to produce superior human resources, produce plantation science and technology works based on local wisdom, and empower rural communities and appropriate technology in the plantation sector, in order to support the progress of the plantation sector, said Syafaruddin.

In his presentation, Syafaruddin, who was accompanied by the Head of Cooperation and Utilization of Research Results and the Head of the Cooperation Sub-Sector, conveyed the theme of the Plantation Research and Development Center’s Performance and Efforts in Supporting MBKM with the sub-discussion of 5 things related to the Independent Learning Program-Independent Campus, Plantation Research and Development Center Support, Facilities Infrastructure and Technology Innovation, Technology Scope of Plantation Research and Development Center and Center for Excellence in Science and Technology Plantation Research and Development Center.

The presentation is in order to realize the scope of cooperation with Unsoed, including the preparation of educational infrastructure (Laboratory and Experimental Gardens) for research and development activities in the plantation sector; assistance and application of plantation technology innovation results; dissemination of plantation technology innovations; community empowerment in the plantation sector; student training and mentoring (internship/internship/PKL, Thesis, Thesis and Dissertation in the context of collecting data and information for educational purposes); organizing joint scientific meetings Focus Group Discussions, Workshops, Seminars and Symposiums in sharing plantation research and development activities at both national and international levels; and joint publication of research results, ideas and technology best practices.

After the FGD, the Headquarters together with the Dean and members of the Faculty of Agriculture visited the Experimental Gardens/Field Laboratories of Mount Tugel and Kedungrandu which will be developed, especially for strategic superior commodities in the future in Purwokerto. (Anjas).

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