ICECRD. Accommodation For Research Activities In The Middle Of Budget Constraints

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ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Head of the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D., said that even though we were in a state of slumping budget, we could still accommodate several research activities even though there were some activities that were shortened. Although there are some activities that cannot be implemented, on the one hand there are still National Research Priority (PRN) activities.

Furthermore, Head of ICECRD said, “Last year we had taken steps to carry out research activities, because there was Covid-19 so it would stop in April-May 2020. Hopefully in 2021 it will be full until the end of the year, so that the reporting can also be complete as in the previous year. the year before the Covid, “he said in a seminar presentation on the Final Report of FY Activities. 2020 and the FY Proposal. 2021 in Meeting Room 2A of the ICECRD, Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

In addition, Head of ICECRD also conveyed that the planned activities of the ICECRD for FY 2021 be carried out with full discipline, especially related to reporting. The stages requested by the Program and Evaluation Team to be fulfilled. This will be an evaluation for the Planner section. “If it can be carried out on time according to the predetermined schedule, we will pay more attention, said the Head of the Clearance Office.”

Head of ICECRD also reminded that Scientific Writing (KTI) could be made immediately by avoiding plagiarism, especially those related to “novelti”. If there are further budget cuts, research activities can be considered. This is because Commission IV of the House of Representatives in their visit to Malang yesterday was very supportive of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD) of the Ministry of Agriculture and hopes that there will be an increase in the budget later. It is hoped that the research activities in the seminar today can be carried out soon, so that they can run based on the rhythm of the time table in the proposal.

Head of ICECRD also instructed the KSPHP Substance Coordinator to initiate a monthly seminar which was filled by researchers from the ICECRD along with 4 research institute in turns. Implementation can be online and offline. Two international seminars that will collaborate with the two universities need to be followed up immediately. Even if possible, both can be implemented this year.

Not to forget, he also reminded the employees of the Plantation Research and Development Center to always maintain health and comply with health protocols to avoid Covid-19. “For workers who are exposed, hopefully they will be cured soon, for those who are not / not, hopefully they will always maintain their health. Hopefully we will always be protected by Allah SWT, “he said.

Previously, Program Substance and Evaluation Coordinator, Ir. Abdul Muis Hasibuan, M.Si. reported that in this seminar there were 12 research proposals presented by the person in charge of RPTP, RDHP, and RKTM. The proposal is then evaluated by an Evaluator Team consisting of Prof.Dr. Elna Karmawati, Prof.Dr. Deciyanto S., and Prof. Dr. Supriadi.

Muis hopes that research activities at the ICECRD will not only lead to the output of activities, but also lead to the publication of scientific papers (KTI). “As much as possible, it will be directed to international KTI as well. “When you want to become an international level KTI, you will find novelties from research activities at the Plantation Research and Development Center,” said Muis. (Anjas)

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