Prospects For The Development Of Spices And Medicinal Crops To Improve Farmers’ Welfare

Aktifitas Puslitbangbun Highlight

ICECRD ACTIVITIES – Indonesian Spice & Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI) under the auspices of the Center for Plantation Research and Development (ICECRD), Agricultural Research and Development Agency (IAARD) has held technical guidance (TG) on the introduction of varieties and vanilla cultivation in Omah Kebon, Temanggug, Central Java. This activity was attended by members of Commission IV DPR RI Ir, Panggah Susanto, MM, Regent of Temanggung M, Al Khadziq, Department of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Temanggung Regency Joko Budi Nuryanto, SP, MSi., several vanilla farmer groups and KWT with a total number of participants. 84 people. The implementation of this TG activity continues to apply the Health protocol.

The event began with a report from the person in charge of the activities, Dr. Evi Savitri Iriani as the head of the ISMCRI and continued with remarks by the Head of ICECRD Ir Syafaruddin, PhD and welcome remarks by the Regent of Temanggung M. Al Khadziq as well as the opening and direction by the Chairman of Commission IV DPR RI Ir. Panggah Susanto MM.

The Head of ISMCRI, in his report said that many innovations have been produced by the Agricultural Research and Development Agency, ranging from food crops, horticulture, plantations and animal husbandry. Temanggung Regency is known as a production center for various plantation commodities such as tobacco, arabica coffee, robusta coffee. In addition, a potential commodity that is on the rise is ICECRD see the potential of Temanggung to become a center for Indonesian vanilla production as well as a center for medicinal plants for the supply of raw materials for the herbal industry.

Head of the ICECRD, Ir. Syafaruddin Ph.D in his speech representing the Head of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development, said that this technical guidance for spice and medicinal plants is aimed at downstreaming superior varieties of the ICECRD of the Ministry of Agriculture, increasing farmers’ knowledge and skills in implementing good and correct vanilla cultivation techniques, getting feedback from vanilla farmers. in Temanggung Regency, so that the final output of production increases and can improve the welfare of farming families, he hoped.

Temanggung Regent HMAl Khadziq and Commission IV DPR RI Ir. Panggah Susanto MM expressed his gratitude to the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture for the implementation of the technical guidance assistance carried out by Balittro regarding the prospect of developing spice plants in this case vanilla and medicinal plants to farmer groups, especially to farmer groups in Temanggung. He stated that this technical guidance was very important to add insight extension workers related to technological innovations in vanilla cultivation. This technical guidance activity is very synchronous and synergistic with the PEKARANGAN FARMERS program in Temanggung Regency, to restore the glory of the vanilla plant that once triumphed in the 1970s, namely the hard work of farmers and technology supported by the IAARD of the Ministry of Agriculture will make agriculture in Temanggung more advanced and modern.

After the briefing and opening ceremony, it was continued with the delivery of souvenirs from eucalyptus products and other IAARD innovation products to invited guests who were present which were presented by the Head of ICECRD. The material for technical guidance. Introduction of vanilla varieties and cultivation technology delivered by an Ecophysiology researcher at the Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants by Ir Agus Ruhnayat and continued with seed preparation practices by IP2TP head Sukamulya Wawan Lukman In his presentation Agus Ruhnayat hoped that the technical guidance participants would go through technical guidance In this way, farmers can apply vanilla cultivation according to good and correct SOPs, so that the resulting production can be optimal.

In his presentation, Agus Ruhnayat said that the application of vanilla cultivation SOPs can improve existing conditions even better, so that productivity increases. However, Agus Ruhnayat emphasized that these results can be achieved if all technology components are applied properly and correctly. Agus Ruhnayat added that the use of Superior Varieties, regulation of drainage, plant populations and climbing poles, balanced fertilization, application of organic matter, and control of Plant Destruction Organisms (OPT) are some of the key technology components that farmers must apply to obtain optimal results. After the presentation of the material from the speakers, the event continued with a question and answer discussion.

It is hoped that with this technical guidance activity, farmers will gain additional knowledge and be able to apply vanilla cultivation technology properly and correctly so that the resulting production can be maximized. (anjas)

Source: Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants (ISMCRI)

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