Prospects of Agroforestry Development Based on Coffee in Indonesia

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Estate Crops News – Limitations of agricultural land to encourage people/ farmers open up new land in forest areas, by felling tree forests and forcing open plants and burning the remains of plants and shrubs as a result of land being serious critical. One effort to over come the problem is through the implementation of a coffee-based agroforestry systems.

Role-based on agroforestry coffee farmers that have been developed, by farmers involve on (1) Conserve land, water and biodiversity, (2) Add of nutrients lands, (3) Control of microclimate, (4) Add of carbon stocks (5) Suppress pests and diseases, and (6) Enhancement to the income of farmers. Coffee-based agroforestry has been practiced by farmers in various regions in Indonesia, including in West Lampung (patterns of community forestry and forest villages), West Java and Central Java (forest management with communities). Challenge/problems encountered in the coffee-based agroforestry include (1) The level of knowledge of farmers on the cultivation of coffee-based agroforestry still low, (2) Lack of venture capital and (3) The uncertainty of the status of business land. Efforts to overcome these problems can through training and mentoring cultivation technology, venture capital assistance and legal certainty of land status. Development direction of coffee-based agroforestry can be done conduct of region-owned Perum Perhutani, community forestry (CF) and village forest (VF) which covers each 2.250.172; 2.500.000 and 500.000 ha. This paper aims to identify the role of coffee-based agroforestry on the environment, and the economy of farmers and development prospect in Indonesia.

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