Organizational Structure

To carry out the tasks and functions, the Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development (ICECRD) supported by Human Resources (HR) is reliable and character with certain competence requirements. Competence is an absolute requirement for HR IAARD to ensure the implementation of quality research and development activities.

ICECRD give high priority to the improvement of the quality of human resources in order to guarantee the availability of reliable personnel in implementing agricultural research program. As of the 2020 FY, the scope of the Puslitbangbun is supported by 586 employees consisting of 64 people at the head office, 204 at the Balittro, 140 at the Balittas, 84 at the Balit Palma, and 94 at the Balittri.

Based on his position human resources in the ICECRD are classified into 10 (ten), namely: (1) Researchers, (2) Technicians, (3) Librarians, (4) Computer Institutions, (5) Archivists, (6) Public Relations, 7) Personnel Analysis, (8) State Budget Management Analysis, (9) Planning Analysis, and (10) General Functionality.





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