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PLANTATION ACTIVITIES – Products that are claimed to be eucalyptus-based corona antivirus recently launched by the Minister of Agriculture will be mass produced soon after the administration of cooperation is complete and the patent application proposal is complete.

This was done as a follow up from the direction of the Head of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency Dr. Fadjry Djufry. For this reason, the Indonesian Spice and Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI) held a joint meeting to initiate the downstream cooperation of Eucalyptus products on Wednesday (05/13/2020).

The downstream cooperation meeting was chaired by the Head of Balittro Dr. Evy Savitri Iriani attended by the Head of BPATP Dr. Ketut G. Mudiarta, BB Harvest Post Dr. Prayudi Syamsuri, researcher from Veterinary Inventor and eucalyptus examiner on laboratory effectiveness. Besides this cooperation initiation meeting was attended by a third party PT. Eagle Indo Pharma as a serious partner for exclusive licenses.

On this occasion, a presentation was made about the draft of filing a patent and a product downstream cooperation document planned to be signed on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Head of IAARD explained, the antivirus has gone through several processes. First, the identification of several herbal plants such as ginger, ginger, guava, and essential oils. Then through testing the effectiveness of the active ingredients contained therein. After that, the results are taken to the laboratory. “We have tried it on victims of Covid-19 virus exposure. The results are very good.

For information, in the world there are 700 types of eucalyptus with a variety of active ingredients. The main active ingredient is in cineol-1.8 which functions as an antimicrobial and antiviral, he added. “God willing, this will work”, hope Kabadan.

There are 3 draft patent licensing cooperation to be compiled namely, Formula roll on (PT Eagle Indo Pharma with Balittro); Formula inhaler and nano encapsulation technology for anti-herbal powder made from eucalyptus (PT Eagle Indo Pharma with post-harvest BB and veterinary BB).

It is hoped that the completeness of the administration of the cooperation and the patent application proposal can be completed immediately, so that products that are needed by the community to cope with the corona virus pandemic can soon be produced.

Source: Spice and Medicinal Plants Research Institute (Balittro)

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