The Potential Of Red Betel As Respiratory Medicine And Its Propagation Technique

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ICECRD INFO – Red betel leaves contain essential oils, such as kadanen, kavikol, cineol, eugenol, kariofolene, carvacrol, terpinen and sesquiterpenes. The bioactive compounds of red betel leaf have been widely studied to have anti-viral activity, are mucolytic, and decongestant (loosens the respiratory tract).

Corona virus or Covid-19 is a virus that is difficult to eradicate. This virus can enter the body through the mouth, and stay in the throat for 3 or 4 days before moving to the lungs. Symptoms that arise due to corona virus infection are high fever, cough and cough and blockage of the airways with thick mucus that hardens and blocks the respiratory tract and lungs. Betel leaf has the potential to treat fever and respiratory disorders due to corona virus infection. However, research with konpernnship needs to be done. (Anjas)

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