Potential Sap and Coconut Sugar Production of Three Accession Dwarf Coconut

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – The study was conducted to determine the potential of three Dwarf Coconut accessions in the production of sap and coconut sugar. The research was carried out in the Coconut germplasm collections of Indonesian Palm Crop Research Institute in Manado on August to November 2015 using the three Dwarf Coconut accession  ie Waingapu Red Dwarf (WRD), Sweet Green Dwarf (SGD) and Raja Brown Dwarf (RBD). Each accession consisting of six palms, and the  three tapped bunches from each palm were observed. Parameters observed were production of sap/bunches/day, length of tapping/bunches, length of bunches and bunches circumference, pH of sap, brix, and sugar yield.The results showed that coconut WRD, SGD and RBD can produce sap. Potential production of sap varied between accessions. The average production of sap /bunches /day of WRD (1006.57 ml) was higher than that in RBD (627.81 ml) and SGD (740.79 ml). The average length of taping/bunches was 22-23 days, pH 5.5-5,6 and sugar content (brix) 14,47-16,63%. The sap produced by the three coconut accessions can be processed into sugar. The yield of coconut sugar in the form of crystal sugar was 14.25-16.58%.

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