Potential Development Of Coconut In Mapanget In Dry Wet Climate In KP. Mapanget IPCRI

Artikel Kelapa Berita Perkebunan Highlight

ESTATE CROPS – Coconut varieties in Mapanget (DMT) are varieties of Inner Coconut which have the potential to produce the number of fruit bunches / tree (12-13 / year), the number of fruits / bunches (7 items), the number of fruits / trees / year (90 items) . Kelapa Dalam is tolerant of Phytophthora disease , quite tolerant of long drought. The development area is in dry areas with wet climates with rainfall? 2,500-3,500 mm / year.

The number of fruit bunch production / year, the number of fruit / bunches and the number of fruit / tree / year coconut in Mapanget (DMT) production is quite high, even though there are 4 dry (dry) months which fluctuate in July-October in 2014 and 2015 which causes decreased number of fruit / bunch production and number of fruit / tree / year in 2016.

For coconut development efforts in Indonesia on dry land with a wet dry climate, which has 8 wet months and 4 dry months, it is recommended to use coconut in Mapanget (DMT). (Anjas)


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