Feed Potency and Strategy of Palm-Cow Integration System Development in East Kalimantan

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – The productivity and utilization of feed from oil palm plantation in East Kalimantan is still not optimal. One of the strategy to overcome this problem is through the implementation of palm-cow integration system, which providing organic fertilizer. The implementation of the system is still very limited. This study aims to estimate the potential of oil palm plantations in providing of livestock feed, to identify problems, and to develop strategies for implementing oil palm-cow integrated system. The research was conducted in Paser and North Paser Penajam district in East Kalimantan Province. Data collection was conducted in 2017. The forcasting used trend analysis, the problem mapping was done by rank analysis, and the strategy formulate by descriptive approach. Based on the estimation it is known that the area of Production Plant area tend to increase and shows the available feeding ability to support the development of palm-cow integration system. In 2019 it was estimated that debris of palm frouds was 384.8 thousand tons and 41,6 thousand tons of dried leaves. This number will continue to increase 2.1 times by 2028. Utilization product from palm oil estate is still faced with various obstacles. Financing becomes a major problem in the development of cow-palm integration. In addition, the problems encountered related to the availability of land, the loss risk of livestock, and changes the culture in farming system. Strategies need to be formulated related to regulation, support facilities, and technical assistance. In terms of providing facilities and assistance, it is necessary to provide communal livestock facilities as well as assistance in developing livestock business and utilization of oil palm plantation waste.

Keywords: oil palm, integrated farming, cow, animal feed

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