Potential By-Products Of Agave Intake For Biopharmaceutical Products

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ICECRD NEWS – The trend of modern society today is to need products that are environmentally friendly and derived from natural ingredients. This is because there is a lot of environmental pollution and the use of plastic is harmful to human health. One of the natural materials that is increasingly being used is natural fiber. Currently, natural fibers are not only used as textile materials, but also into natural fiber-based industries, such as the automotive industry, composite materials and advanced materials.

One of the natural fibers is sisal fiber which comes from the agave or sisal plant. The agave plant used for fiber comes from Agave sisalana and Agave cantala. Sisal fiber is obtained from the fibering process using a decorticator. Residual fiber residues produce waste in the form of solids and liquids (95%), this waste is usually disposed of and not utilized. The residual biomass of sisal fiber still contains plant tissue (lignin and cellulose), primary and secondary metabolites, water and others (Anjas).

What compounds and how are the test results from this fiber waste, refer to the following article: Potential By-products of Agave Fiber for Biopharmaceutical Products

Source: Research Institute for Sweeteners and Fibers (ISFCRI)

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