Potential Of Kopyor Coconut Meat As Healthy Food Ingredients

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – Researchers of Indonesian Palm Crops Research Institute (IPCRI) and Gorontalo Assesment Institute For Agricultural Technology prove the results of their research that kopyor coconut meat contains various chemical compositions that are beneficial to health. In it there are antioxidant compounds and lauric acid of 37.93% – 51%.

Antioxidants function to neutralize free radicals so that they can help prevent damage to the body due to degenerative diseases. Meanwhile, lauric acid can significantly reduce fasting blood sugar, thereby reducing blood glucose levels and body weight in normal healthy people.

Unfortunately, the potential for kopyor coconut meat to be used as a healthy food ingredient is not yet popular, because people only know it as a thirst-quenching drink.

The IPCRI has had several studies related to the chemical composition of kopyor coconut meat, but it needs to be disseminated more widely so that people understand its health benefits, and farmers will be more active in mass-producing kopyor coconut.

The development of production and utilization of kopyor coconut is quite prospective because it is in line with the local food diversification program as well as increasing public awareness of healthy food and the development of industrial agriculture.

In addition, kopyor coconut is a strategic plantation commodity that has the opportunity to boost the economy of Indonesian farmers. This commodity can be cultivated in a sustainable manner, even though the availability of seeds and seeds is still limited and even seems expensive. (Anjas)

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