The Potential Of Endophytic Bacteria In Improving The Quality Of Large White Ginger Seeds

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ESTATE CROPS INFO – Soaking seeds with endophytic bacteria can increase growth with shoots reaching 103 cm in height. The use of bactericide (streptomycin ) inhibited growth since the beginning of growth with a shoot height of 66.3 cm with the lowest number of shoots, namely 3.3 shoots. These symptoms can be seen morphologically, namely the leaves turn white, so that photosynthesis is not optimal, which in turn inhibits plant growth.

The incidence of wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum showed varying results in the tested endophytic bacteria with an attack percentage of 38 – 80%. The lowest incidence of disease in treatment D or consortium B.cereus and B. substilis with a percentage of 38%. JPB seeds without the application of endophytic bacteria produce plants with high wilt disease reaching 80%. (Anjas)

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