Growth and Crop Production as Well as the Farmer’s Income in Stepwise Replanting Pattern

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Estate Crops News – The total area of small holders’ oil palms in Indonesia that must be replanted is 1.26 billion gectares or 35% of the national total area. Replanting of the oil plams is highly cost. The objective of study was to get a replanting pattern that is cheaper and more efficient. The research was conducted for three years from 2010 to 2012 in Rokan Hilir, Riau Province.

The results showed that the most efficient replanting pattern was 20-20-60, because it only affected to vegetative growth of young oil palms in the first and second years, but not the inflorescences. This patter is economically the best since income from three consecutive years of replanting were postitivel the NVP value was Rp. 34,580,627; B/C was 1.43; and R/C 2.43. Base on these results, the replanting pattern 20-20-60 can be recommended for small holder oil palms.

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