Perspektif ICECRD Vol. 9 No. 1, 2010

Artikel Kelapa Perspektif



  1. Nursery Mangement of Patchouli for Inhibit Synchytrium pogostemonis Distribution; (Dono Wahyuno)
  2. Potential Use of Botanical Termiticide; (Supriadi and Agus Ismanto)
  3. DNA Untuk Pemmarker in Coconut Breeding Programm ; (Donata S. Pandin)
  4. Prospect of Arenga Plant As Producer Bioethanol in Indonesia; (Dedi Soleh Effendi)
  5. Perspective Agriculture Mechanization in Relation to Biofuel Development in Indonesia; (Bambang Prastowo, Chandra Indrawanto, and Dedi Soleh Effendi)

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