Perspektif ICECRD Vol. 8 No. 1, 2009

Artikel Lada Artikel Tembakau Perspektif


  1. Management of Soil-Born Diseases to Sustain the Greatness of Temanggung District as the Center Producer of Temanggung Tobacco; (Titiek Yulianti)
  2. Integrated Control of Foot Rot Disease of Black Pepper; (Dono Wahyuno)
  3. The Implementation of IPM Technology on Small Estate Farm Commodities; (Adang Agustian and Benny Rachman)
  4. SResearch Status on Insect Vector of Stunted Disease on Black Pepper; (Rodiah Balfas)
  5. Status of Supply and Demand of Indonesian Medicinal Crops and Their Research and Development Priorities; (Ekwasita Rini Pribadi)


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