Perspective Of ICECRD Vol. 19 No. 2, 2020

Berita Perkebunan Perspektif

ESTATE CROPS PUBLICATION – The Journal of Perspectives Review of Industrial Crops Research Volume 19 Number 1, June 2020 contains 6 articles of scientific papers. Perspective published by the Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development contains a review paper (review) of estate crop research, first published in June 2002 and published 2 (two) times a year.


  1. OPPORTUNITIES OF PALM WASTE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF Polyhydroxyalkanoate as BIOPLASTIC / The Opportunities of Oil Palm Waste for Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoate as Bioplastic ; Hasrul Abdi Hasibuanf;
  2. POTENTIAL OF KOPYOR COCONUT MEAT AS HEALTHY FOOD MATERIAL / Potency of Kopyor Coconut Meat as an Ingredient of Healthy Food ; Muhammad Yusuf Antu, Ismail Maskromo, Barlina Rindengan;
  3. LAND DAMAGE IN PLANTATIONS AND STRATEGIES FOR PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT / Soil Deterioration of Plantation Land and Strategies for Its Prevention and Handling ; Bariot Hafif;
  4. THE PRODUCTION STARTEGY OF CANE SEEDS IN SUPPORTING SUGAR SELF-SUFFICIENCY Strategy Of Sugar Cane Seed Production In Supporting Self Sufficiency; Parnidi parnidi, Mastur – Mastur;
  5. STRATEGIES FOR INCREASING THE UTILIZATION OF ORGANIC FERTILIZER IN THE INTEGRATION SYSTEM OF COW PALM Strategies for Increasing the Use of Organic Fertilizers in the Palm Cattle Integration System ; Suci Wulandari, Deciyanto;
  6. OPPORTUNITIES FOR INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY AND COMPETITIVENESS OF Pepper Opportunity For Increasing Productivity And Competitiveness Of Pepper ; Siswanto Siswanto, I Ketut Ardana, Elna Karmawati;

Hopefully the articles presented can provide additional knowledge and be useful for readers.

Person in charge :

  • Ir. Syafaruddin, Ph.D. (Head of Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development)

Person in Charge for Implementing / member : Dr. Tedy Dirhamsyah, SP., MAB.

Editor-in-Chief concurrently Member:

  • Prof. Dr. Deciyanto Soetopo (Entomology)

Editorial Members:

  • Prof. Dr. Elna Karmawati (Entomology)
  • Prof. Dr. Endang Gati Lestari (Biotechnology)
  • Dr. I Ketut Ardana (Socio-Economic)
  • Dr. Suci Wulandari (Socio-Economic)
  • Dr. Saefudin (Agronomy)


Managing Editor:

  • Sudarsono, SE.
  • Agus Budiharto
  • Erriani Kristiyaningsih, S.Sos., M.Si.
  • Anjas Satria Pamungkas, S.Ikom.

Editorial Address:
Indonesian Center For Estate Crops Research and Development
Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 1 Bogor 16111
Tel. (0251) 8313083. Fax. (0251) 8336194
e-mail: Website:

Source of Funds:
DIPA 2020, Center for Plantation Crops Research and Development

Front Cover Photo:
Cover Design and Layout:
Agus Budiharto

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